AgVa came into existence with the brainstorming of ideas between the two inventors Dr Deepak Agarwal & Prof Diwakar Vaish. The name of the company resonates the names of the inventors Ag from Dr. Agarwal and Va from Prof Vaish. 

The idea was to make quality healthcare affordable to all. Since 2018 we have been true to our principles and providing some of the most cutting edge technologies in medical devices at unreliable prices. 



Prof Diwakar Vaish

Prof Vaish is a leading Robotics scientist of the country who has filed for over 20 patents and have invented India's first completely made in India Robot Manav and World's first brain controlled wheelchair.
He's also the inventor of his proprietary brain cloning technology using EEG

Keyboard and Mouse

Dr Deepak Agarwal

Dr Deepak Agarwal is a pioneer and one of the world renowned name in neurosurgery. He is currently a practicing neurosurgeon at India's most premier medical institute AIIMS New Delhi.