Give a breath of Life

It is common knowledge that the number of ventilators is woefully inadequate in government and private hospitals with even Delhi having acute scarcity of ventilator beds. However, Did you know that more than  2 million lives were lost in India in 2012 die to lack of ventilators (WHO data). This number would have increased significantly since than.


Till now ventilators were exorbitantly expensive costing  between Rs. 5.00 - 25.00 lakhs (USD 7000 - 35,000)  a piece, they are also difficult to use and requires trained manpower and piped oxygen supply. But with our ventilator this is no longer the case. With 1/10 of the price of a regular ventilator this is a major breakthrough in  Medical technology and artificial intelligence. We at AgVa have created the most affordable, user- friendly, AI driven ventilator Which does not require oxygen source or trained manpower to operate.


Now you can too make a difference for your country and fellow citizens in need of ventilators . In this revolutionary 'Adopt a ventilator' program By AgVa healthcare in association with an NGO, you can adopt a ventilator  by paying for one or more ventilators and have them delivered to a government hospital of our choice. In case you want, it can also be delivered to a government hospital of your choice, provided contact details of the end user are given clearly.


AgVa healthcare will  ensure that the ventilator works as advertised and will have your name printed on the ventilator if you so desire. We will also maintain a installation report on each ventilator and statistics on its usage so that you can see the difference you are making in improving ventilator care in India.


AgVa healthcare will make the ventilators available  for this cause at a special price which is at a significant discount from the market price. The amount will also be considered as tax exempt for your tax purposes. Additionally, AgVa healthcare will donate every 10th ventilator absolutely free to AIIMS, Delhi- the hospital in which Agva was developed-for its needy patients.


Target 2019

In this year we plan to give 2019 ventilators. Please join us in this mission for making ventilator beds a affordable reality in India. Give the breath of life- today!

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