According to recent reports in some news media. AgVa has been alleged of not having Non-Invasive BPAP & CPAP modes. We would like to clarify that our ventilators have both the NIV modes and can be used without any problem on COVID Patients. Below is also a clarification given by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for the same.  

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According to some recent reports in some of the newspapers; AgVa has been alleged to have ventilators that do not work on COVID patients. This report is absolutely misleading. This report was made with representation made by J.J. Hospital and St George's Hospital Mumbai.

However, we would like to clarify that a demo has been done post-publication of this report with AgVa COVID Plus ventilator in St. George's hospital and J.J. Hospital Mumbai. This demo was done on the live patients for an ample amount of time. Both NIV and Invasive modes were tested. During this demo, the ventilators performed as per expectation. The patients were comfortable the stats were maintained and also the ventilation parameters were maintained. The doctors of both the hospitals were present and were satisfied with the performance of the ventilator. Below is a paper document for the same.